minimalist turntable optimized for your bluetooth speaker developed in Vienna

designed for easy vinyl playback

TONE is handcrafted in Europe

Tone turntable recordplayer green satin black satin vinyl record, on concrete floor with with wall

Bluetooth or Hifi Setup

Connect TONE Turntable to any bluetooth speaker for wireless vinyl listening.
For the best sound possible: integrate TONE Turntable to your classic hifi system.

Tone turntable, satin green, tone puck, white vinyl record, pink table, red pullover, woman hand
Tone turntable, white statin, on white underground and background, tone RCA cable, Tone Cleaning set,Record Brush,stylus brush, Care Pack

TONE Turntable All in one set

Includes a TONE Dustcover, our Care Pack and a high-quality RCA cable.

Tone Care pack, black stylus brush, black record, brush, two hands holding a brown paper box

six beautiful satin colours carefully painted