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Yes. The product comes with a two-year warranty.
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TONE products are designed in Austria and manufactured in the Czech Republic. TONE turntables are handmade, entirely from the European Union!
The concept and development of the TONE turntable and its components was the brainchild of our small team of designers. We also received great support from our colleagues at Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Ortofon.
Your TONE turntable can play 33 and 45 RPM records. It features an electronic switch for the speed change. The On/Off switch has three positions: middle is OFF, right is 45 PRM, and left is 33 RPM.
Your TONE turntable is belt driven. Most of the high-end turntables are built with a belt drive because the belt is isolating the motor from the platter, which reduces vibration from the motor.  
The cartridge is a unique design specific to this turntable, which is optimal for it. Changing the cartridge can be tricky. If you damage or want to upgrade it however you can change the stylus, which is a way easier solution.
Yes. In the unlikely event that the stylus breaks you can change it. If you want to upgrade your stylus there are three steps to improve your stylus from OM 10 and OM20 to OM30.
We manufactured a lightweight tonearm with a stylus from Ortofon. With a tonearm and cartridge combination that is super light, there will be less “skating.” Therefore, we don’t need clunky mechanical or magnetic anti-skating like you find with bigger, heavier tonearms. The anti-skating is integrated into the tonearm itself, and the ideal design-choice for our TONE turntable.
Because of the light-weight tonearm and the flexibility of the stylus it is very unlikely that you damage the stylus or the record. However, as for all turntables and analog products a certain caution and gentleness is necessary. Always take special care of your records for the best sound possible.
Yes it features a phono stage that is always active.

Bluetooth & Connectivity

Connecting your TONE turntable to your Bluetooth speaker is a very easy, fast, and affordable (or inexpensive) way to listen to your records. However, this means you are listening to a digital signal not an analog signal. Also, most Bluetooth speakers produce mono sound in comparison to a hi-fi stereo system with two speakers. We suggest you use a Bluetooth speaker for convenience and casual listening. To experience (or achieve) the best sound experience we recommend using a TONE turntable with a real hi-fi stereo system!
Yes, we use standard Bluetooth protocols and tested the most common brands of Bluetooth speakers and they work perfectly fine. However, it is impossible to guarantee that all speakers and all brands will work. If you happen to encounter speakers that are not compatible, please contact us!
Absolutely! Using Bluetooth headphones works the same as connecting a Bluetooth speaker.
Yes! Your TONE turntable comes with a built in phono-preamp. You can easily connect it to your amplifier and speakers at home. Your TONE turntable can also be connected to active speakers that have RCA inputs.
TONE turntable is using V2.1, EDR; Class II, 2.5mW (4dBm) per 2.4GHz – 2.48 GHz. We are exclusively making use of the SBC codec only.
The advantages in SBC and aptX are mostly found in compression and aptX can usually handle compression better especially when it comes to retaining good quality, when the BT bandwidth goes down (because sender or receiver are moving, then there are additional walls being introduced while moving, etc…). aptX does not use any sort of psychoacoustical modelling during the encoding, neither does SBC. At similar, high bitrates (when BT connection quality is a max) both can be considered as equal in terms of their compression quality. Which is why it is ideal for a stationary object as TONE TURNTABLE. Please also consider, that Bluetooth speakers themselves are usually the bottleneck in a sound reproducing system as they will (measurably) show much more distortion or suboptimal frequency response than that caused by the turntable, cartridge, preamp or even the used BT codec. Of course there are very good sounding BT speakers too, but for most cases, in our tests, we concluded that it is not worth using aptX (which due to licensing costs would have also increased the cost of our turntable; aptX belongs to Qualcomm, the manufacturer of mobile CPU’s mostly used in Android phones; which is why Apple for example do not use aptX but their own AAC in iPhones, because they are of course not using Qualcomm chips). So with SBC we have a good and equal solution that works equally well for iPhone and Android devices while keeping the budget down and still getting comparable sound quality when Bluetooth connection quality is high.
No. Apple Homepod is a network speaker that connects via Wifi. Our TONE Turntable is a bluetooth device.
As most SONOS products are network based devices, a wireless connection is not possible. Some SONOS devices, like the Play 5 feature a 3.5mm Audio Input that can be connected to our TONE turntable via a RCA cable and a 3.5mm adapter.

Add ons

Although we offer a dustcover (which we very much recommend), it’s inevitable that some parts will always get dusty, especially while playing. In order to make your records and stylus live as long as possible and to enjoy good sound, it is important to keep them away from dust. This is best accomplished using our Care Pack brush and stylus cleaner.
We recommend that you always use a dustcover. It protects the turntable, especially the record, and the stylus from dust. Dust on the record and the stylus will compromise the sound. When playing records, we recommend having the dustcover open or removed from the turntable entirely.
When you want to integrate a TONE turntable into a classic hi-fi setup you need the RCA cable to connect your turntable to your amplifier.
Yes. You can close the dustcover while playing.